Protected Trust Deed (PTD).
How can aPTD help me?

Protected trust deed (PTD) is a formal arrangement between you and your creditors in which you pay an amount you can afford.

This can be a one-off premium PTD paid off by a lump sum or over a longer period of normally 48 months (4 Years) or potentially 60 months (5 Years) if you are a homeowner. You pay a fixed sum into the PTD which is affordable to you. We work with the largest suppliers of PTD`S, they will manage the creditors and distribute payments on a pro rata basis.

When you complete the PTD any remaining debt is legally written off. During the PTD creditors cannot apply any further interest or charges for the life time of the PTD. Creditors are also not allowed to take further action during the PTD.

If you were to miss payments into the PTD we would normally need to see evidence for the reason this has happened. Any missed payments would normally be added on at the end of your IVA.


(PTD advice overview)

Pros Cons
No set up costs or setup fees to look at this solution. Your credit rating will seriously affected by the PTD for at least 6 years.
Once PTD is completed you are then completely debt free. Court fines or criminal conviction Fines cannot be included in the PTD.
Creditors cannot take any further action against you or apply interest and charges on the debt through the life of the PTD. Any wind falls or inheritance may have to be paid into the PTD but this will depend on amount you receive.
A PTD is an alternative to Sequestration. A PTD may affect your terms of employment, please check with your employer to see if this would be the case.
You will not need to appear in court to have your PTD accept by the creditors. There is a risk of sequestration if the PTD was to fail.

(Key issues to consider with a PTD)

Before considering a PTD there are other keys issues you may need to take into consideration.

PTD is individual to you if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us on free phone 0800 206 1447

Additional Information about PTDs

How much does PTD cost?

The structure of your Trustee’s fee is determined by the legislation which governs Trust Deeds. The fee will consist of:

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